Terms and Conditions

1. We prefer you be over 18 years old! We may delete your account. If you cannot prove it!

2. You can have joint accounts! First Name: someone & someone Last Name: some surname. We suggest if a relationship such as married use your marriage date as the birthday. Whether male or female your choice. The software we are using is very simple and displays very little personal information. This site is mostly for contacting known friends and family.

3. Please use an actual picture in your avatar profile picture. No nudes or pornagraphic pictures in your profile or avatar profile picture! Everyone can see it! Including the INTERNET!

4. We are not trying to be Disney or Facebook, although we do not want to see swears all the time you may experience them once in a while.

5. Do Not! We repeat! Do Not Threaten or Harass each other! We will delete your account. And if required turn your information over to any authorities requesting it!

6. Nothing illegal! No child porn, prostituition, buying or selling drugs, etc!, the usual no nos! Don't try to pretend you didn't know! Transactions Of Any Kind On This Site Cannot Be Illegal In The U.S.A.

7. If you intend to Sell, Barter, Giveaway (Free) or Rent something? Please sign-up with those groups as soon as possible so we can approve your memberships in those groups. Groups can be browsed without signing up.

8. Please Do Not Create New Sales Groups! You can create new friend or association type groups! Again NOTHING Illegal Please! If the authorities ask us to see who you are? We Will!

9. Understand that this is a hobby for us, we cannot and are not guaranteeing data storage. Do Not Place Valuable or Irreplaceable Files At Our Site! Also Again Understand That "All Users Profiles Can Be Seen On The Internet". So Do Not Put Anything That You Do Not Want To Have Seen By The Public On Your Site.

10. Besides all that try to play nice and have fun. Thanks Dawn & Ken!